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Space Solutions for All

Modular Building Specialists

SpaceBuilder is a trusted source for individuals and businesses looking to invest in modular and commercial buildings. We are highly reputed as The Modular Building Specialists in the UK because we pride ourselves on providing an extensive repertoire of prefabricated and modular solutions for different industries, environments and locations.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience in this building sector has given us the needed expertise within our market. With this advantage, we have helped clients fulfill their plans with a space which can meet their operational needs regardless of where they choose to be.

70% Faster Commissioning than Traditional Buildings

SpaceBuilder lets you enjoy faster commissioning with its modular units.

We are not just talking ‘fast’…

Our modular units come in ready for use 70% faster than traditional buildings. The speed of our service delivery does not escalate your budget in any way. Rather, we let clients save more money and get what they need in significantly shorter time – something that is hard to achieve with conventional buildings.

Our team of creative, technical and engineering experts find the balance between creativity, aestheticism and functionality and find a way to tie it all together without putting one at the expense of the other.

For EVERY Need… For EVERY Space

SpaceBuilder’s modular units are built for any kind of need and can be designed and/or tweaked to fit in with the client’s overall architectural idea. Our structures are flexible enough to be aligned with each client’s overall project blueprint.

Bespoke Solutions Tailored to Fit YOUR Needs.

We are not the cookie-cutter kind of business… every design is deliberately created for the end user. We collaborate closely with every client to get the idea off the pages of their minds to the pages of our sketches and finally to the point it becomes a real, economically viable installation.

Build it New OR Get it Refurbished

When you make SpaceBuilder your modular unit company of choice, your budget will become the least of your worries.

We give clients the option of owning a brand new building or purchasing and renovating one of our pre-owned buildings. Whatever you need, you can count on our assurance of quality for every of our product.

We provide products that are built for flexibility and they have some of the best prices within the portable building market.

Safety first…Every Other Element Comes Second

At SpaceBuilder, we build with safety as our first and highest priority. We will never take your safety for granted in anyway. To this end, our units and our team are taken through intense and rigorous testing to ensure that no standard is compromised at any stage of the production or installation process.

Our Vision

To be a leading SME for innovative prefabricated building solutions in the UK

Our Mission

Space solutions for all

Our Values

Safety Partnership Integrity Adaptability Quality

Spacebuilder project managed everything from planning and construction to handover including Health & Safety management, electrics, fire safety. disability access etc.

Janice Irving - Head Teacher,
Wellfield Infant & Nursery School